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Our Services

Our Services

Orbit planning and optimization

We can provide a 2D and 3D orbit simulation based on the launcher or on your needs. We can suggest another orbit if needed. We can calculate revisit times, visibility for ground  stations.

Radiation analysis

Based on the chosen orbit/trajectory and the design of your smallsat we are capable of providing a world-class radiation analysis for your project. Our cutting edge tools can provide the estimated total dose, flux and particle counts in the different regions of the orbit.

Power budget

Based on the placement of the solar panels on your small satellite we can build the simplified model of your satellite and calculate the received power. Furthermore, with the exact sizes and efficiency of the solar panels, we can calculate the usable power.

About Us

We are space enthusiasts. 
In 2020, we started the company with a goal in our mind to make the nanosatellite's mission simulation and analysis more painless and accessible. In the last decade, the nanosatellite businesses have emerged on Low Earth Orbit. We were part of several projects and saw the challenges of mission development. In the coming decade, we foresee the rise of the Deep Space application of the nanosats. More and more player will step in this field. We are passionate to help our customers in this huge step forward.

We aim to lower the barriers of getting into space with helping companies in the field of mission design and analysis. We provide top-tier consultancy services for affordable prices.

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